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[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 21, 2018 2:18:56 AM / by Robert Brinkman

Robert Brinkman


I’m going to write a 3 Blog series based on the word CONFIDENCE...

The perception of confidence drives behavior. We have three major areas where confidence is either solid and secure or teetering on a razors edge: Cryptocurrencies, Stock Market and Trump’s Tax Plan. I’ll write about these in order over the coming weeks.

I was going to begin with Cryptocurrencies in this blog, but there has been unprecedented volatility this past week and some of the points I want to make will be lost in the current environment. So, what I’d like you to do is watch the attached presentation I made to a group of software engineers a couple of weeks ago. I go over Blockchain technology and where I believe this fixation is going. It will be helpful background for the blog I write next week.




If you’re looking for one link that you can follow just about every Cryptocurrency, here it is:



Topics: Bitcoin, Stock Market Volatility, stock market, Hedge fund, S&P

Robert Brinkman

Written by Robert Brinkman

Rob Brinkman is the Founder of Safe Harbour Retirement, LLC and has been an Advisor for 31 years, opening his first investment firm for Edward Jones in 1987. He has been a Registered Principal and Executive for one of the largest Investment/Insurance companies in the world. He speaks Internationally and was selected by Jim Collins, author of the New York Times Best Selling book Built to Last, to panel his pre-release of the again Best Selling book Good to Great. For the past decade Rob has been focusing on mentoring and coaching business owners and the high net-worth on how to leverage their success more toward a life of meaning and significance. An expert with tax and investment issues, he writes blogs and produces video ‘white boards’ for numerous websites every month.

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