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3 types of Annuities and their importance to your investment strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2016 3:09:09 AM / by Robert Brinkman posted in Non-traditional investing, Index Annuity, Annuiites, Fixed Annuity, Advanced Investing, Variable Annuity

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I don’t believe I’ve spoken to any investor over the last two years that didn’t have some degree of anxiety about the state of our economy and the vulnerability of the stock and bond markets.  When we focus the discussion on how to offload risk, it’s interesting to hear some of the experiences people had during 2008 and some of the strategies they are considering in order to not have a repeat of that devastation.

In addition to discussing our private wealth manager platform, I frequently ask if they’re open to offloading some portfolio and future income risk to an insurance company.  After all, we offload all kinds of risk to insurance companies every day.  We pay premiums in case our house burns down, so the insurance company will pay to build a new one.  The State mandates that we carrier collision protection in case we lose control of our car.  The Fed now mandates that we enroll in a health exchange, so we’re not left out in the cold when we get sick.  And obviously if when we die with a life policy, the insurance company writes a check to our heirs.

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