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Why Owning Gold is Still Important to Your Portfolio

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 29, 2016 9:00:42 AM / by Robert Brinkman posted in Precious Metals, Currency Manipulation, Owning Gold

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In my piece right after the election I focused on why I believe the stock market will experience a bit of wind in its sails, at least in the near term.  There are a lot of moving parts now that Trump won the election, different parts than what we saw with Obama (or would have seen with Hillary), and I want to write about those and what I believe some of the most realistic outcomes could be.  But, in this article let’s focus on the investment that I’ve received the most inquiries the past two weeks – gold.

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3 Reasons Why Precious Metal Prices Are Going Up in the Near Future

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 31, 2016 2:27:51 AM / by Robert Brinkman posted in Non-traditional investing, Central Banks, Precious Metals, Inflation

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Sticking to our month long theme about significant issues that will unfold on the world stage this October and how China is embroiled in many of them, let’s discuss an asset that everyone reading this should have some participation in: Precious Metals.

If you listen to the radio or watch television for an hour, you will witness at least 1 advertisement for gold ownership.  This should be the first tip that investing in gold and silver has increased substantially.  After all, if investors weren’t purchasing the precious metal, the firms wouldn’t bother spending their pretty penny on expensive ads.  

There are 3 specific reasons I believe gold (and silver) will appreciate significantly over the next several years and if you’re considering participating, doing so before October will be important.
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